Thursday, January 27, 2011


TSG recently visited the newly-reopened Computer History Museum and discovered this interesting display concept for the Norden Bombsight. Unfortunately we did not think to record a video clip of it (you would've seen the bombs dropping down to the target and exploding).

Much to our surprise, we encountered a kindred spirit of sorts in one of the other galleries:

More images from TCHM can be seen here (album is a work in progress, more photos will be added next week):


Parm said...

Great stuff!

It was wonderful (in a warm and fuzzy way) to see those splendid rat's-nests of wire, computer transformers the size of modern computers, holorith cards (yes, I am one of those that first learned to program a computer using those cards), cipher machines, and all the rest!!!

As for the obvious, blatant infringement of your hat-and-shades-sporting glassy head icon, well, if only you knew a decent intellectual property attorney!!!

Biscuit, W. said...

I was kind of hoping to see some telephony equipment like crossbar or electronic switching systems, but no dice. I also noticed what (to me) was a glaring omission in the electronic/computer music gallery: various groups and songs were heralded, but no mention whatsoever of Pete's pioneering use of synths or his Lifehouse Method project. Oh well, maybe I should email them a suggestion or two.

I'm not in the market for IPA at the moment, but do you know anyone good at California Employment Law? I may have need for some advice in the near future.

Parm said...

Early electronic music? Let's see, the Monkees might have been the very first popular group to include some Moog noises in their tunes. Does Harrison get any credit with his Zapple label release? Wendy/Walter Carlos, of course, would presumably get some props for at least raising expectations for the form. Gold stars for early tasteful use of Moogs has to go to the Beatles for Abbey Road and the Who for Who's Next. Once we leave these early uses, things go quickly in every which direction.