Saturday, August 28, 2010

Haight 8/28

Seen during this afternoon's outing to the Red Vic Movie House (click on image for larger view):

Yeah, so, I went to see Best Worst Movie  this afternoon. It's the story of the cast and crew of Troll 2 and how they became unwitting C-list celebrities.  It was a bit of a hassle finding parking up there, but it was worth the trip on a nice Saturday Afternoon.

I'd give the movie a thumbs up, but  I wouldn't rate it as high as the other "cult/pop phenom" documentary I saw in Berserkeley a few weeks ago, Winnebago Man.  I really enjoyed the story of Jack Rebney, a man who's video tirades created legions of fans--fans that he had no idea even existed.  Interestingly enough, part of film tells the story of Jack traveling to San Francisco to attend a screening at The Red Vic Movie House. (Pretty cool how I tied that all together, eh?)