Monday, January 18, 2010

Tanks, a lot!

Behind the gates of Pony Tracks Ranch, and just up the drive...

Is one of the premier collections of military vehicles in the world.

The Miltary Vehicle Technology Foundation, home to more than 220 tanks, tank destroyers, self-propelled artillery, personnel carriers and other assorted hardware, was created to carry on the work of Jacques Littlefield, who amassed this amazing collection over a period of more than 30 years.

On Saturday, TSG toured this remarkable facility.  A most enjoyable excursion! 

Led by an extremely knowledgeable docent (the unusually nicknamed Chris "Toadman" Hughes), we wandered through four large buildings that house roughy half of the collection. We saw Shermans, Panzers, Panthers, Scorpions, Scuds, M60s, T34s, and a host of other multi-ton behemoths.

You can see more photos from the tour here: