Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Crash of Rhinos

Dull and magnificent at the same time, these agglutinated-haired beasts are one of our favorite odd-toed ungulates. Rhinos everywhere, we salute you, we wish your kind long life and prosperity!*

Interesting trivia: The name "White" Rhino is actually a mis-translation of the Dutch word "wijd". "Wijd" is the Dutch word for "wide", referring to the width of the rhino's mouth.

*Yes, we realize the ratio of
stuffed rhino head photos here
 is somewhat contradictory 
 to our pro-rhino position.
Oh well, that's blogging for ya. 


P said...

So much content - so much to respond to. (And this while also acknowledging that I haven't yet caught up with the Halloween posting!).

First of all, yes, rhino's rock. Excellent topic for a posting, especially when the imagery is all over the landscape.

Appreciate, too, learning a new word. Though how and when I might use that word in an appropriate context in daily life presently escapes me - gonna have to work on that a bit.

As for the "white"/"wide" observation, well, that got me thinking about "wild white rhinos." Which of course leads one immediately (or nearly so) to "whinos." And a "wide mouth" wino seems quite a natural and expected thing, as the wider the wino's mouth, well, the wider the opening of the bottle he/she can comfortably accommodate. To the extent a rewrite might ever be in the offing (and this is not something I am encouraging, please understand), this seems to be territory worth considering.

And now, where better to end than to search for something worthy to say about the wetness one risks at the end of a rhino? I think it would be worth seeing the context in which that sign appears.

Fudd said...

This is an excellent exhibit dude.