Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toad In A Hole...Huzzah!

Frog On A Hog...nope.

Tadpole In A Pond...nope.

Toad On A Lawn...nope.

Now this is more like it! Here we have a Toad In A Hole, our most favorite-est RenFaire treat. A delicious flaky pastry with a scrumptious sausage filling. It's been years since we've made a pilgrimage to Willingtown, but we're pleased to announce that the TIAHs are as tasty as ever. This particular specimen was almost entirely devoured before we thought to take a picture of it!


Parm said...

The toad in that poster is particularly nasty looking; very rude. Quite enjoyable, that.

We (of the queasy and easily-frightened digestive tract) are highly impressed that TSG would ever even dare to take a bite of something called "Toad in a Hole." ESPECIALLY considering its form factor.

Let me explain. I was at an early-morning business meeting in Malaysia (circa 1998). There on the table, on a very nice tray, was an attractive array of morning pastries. I, from experience, however, knew to be leery of Asian food that amounted to a mystery package - who knows WHAT is inside that flaky pastry?

As the meeting dragged on, however, hunger overcame my better judgment. I casually reached out, made my selection, and drew it back. Casually (oh, ever so casually) I raised it towards my face while feigning great interest in the conversation at the table. A surreptitious sniff or two gave away nothing; could be ANYthing in there. Mustering my courage ("How bad, really, could it be? This is BREAKFAST food, for crying out loud.")I took a bite.

I regret that bite to this very day. This beautiful little pastry was chock full of fish chum. Hacked bits of fish, skin and all, awash in their juicy entrails. The worst of it were the finny bits (scales included). Oh my gawd! I've swallowed some horrendous stuff for the sake of business propriety, but THIS stuff beggered the mind and challenged all sense of decency and decorum. There was NO WAY this stuff was going any further into my body.

Still, I overcame my immediate notion to spew this horrendous offering all over the table and my tablemates. I picked up my coffee cup, peered in it to signal to those around me that I was concerned about its relatively empty status (after all, I couldn't SAY anything at this point, my mouth being filled with the contents of a fisherman's bait bucket as it was), got up, and peacefully and professionally made my way to the door to gain access to the coffee machine right around the corner.

Upon arriving at the coffee counter, and with a quick glance about to confirm that I was alone, I spit (and spit and spit) that icky, fishy stuff out of my pie hole.

So, when it comes to pastries that could hide who-knows-what, I am, I think, justifiably nervous. And when said pastry is named "Toad in a Hole," well, again, I tip my hat to the bravery of this blog's correspondent!

Willard in a Biscuit said...

"Upon arriving at the coffee counter, and with a quick glance about to confirm that I was alone, I spit (and spit and spit) that icky, fishy stuff out of my pie hole."

Ha ha...I wonder if there was a security camera in that room? I can just imagine a video of your coffee room antics going viral.

As far as daring to eat a TIAH, I'm quite the veteran. We (Dude Boots and I) discovered the faux-amphibian treat more than 30 years ago at the RenFaire at Black Point Forest in Novato. Our first time there we were looking for bagels, but one of the peasants said they hadn't been invented yet. I don't know about that, but we decided to try the toad and the rest is history.

Nice pics of the pipa restringing, by the way.

Parm said...

Wow, I was fairly certain that my quite-abused lyrical reference was lost in the mix - good eye!

And as for NOT being lost in the mix, I indeed did spot "Willard IN a Biscuit!" Awesome! Not only as a brilliant pun but as just about anything you might care to consider in the world of to-the-side popular culture (for example, a band name, an album name, a song name, the name for a new rave drug, the name of a television show production company, a clothing label, etc.).