Thursday, September 9, 2010


Let's face it, when you're on the road, you don't always have time to eat right. Just remember to vary your meal choices to increase your chances of getting any nutritional value whatsoever.

 (Not pictured:
biscuits & gravy,
assorted chip-type items, 
triple-decker club sandwich,
or chocolate malt)

(Hmmm.  I'm sure
there must have been
a salad and diet coke 
in there somewhere...)

1 comment:

Parm said...

And don't forget:

- Fudge
- Deep fried (fill in the blank)
- Cheese covered (fill in the blank)
- Pop Tarts
- Donuts
- Road side stand apples (wait, how did that get in this list?)
- Horseshoes (central Illinois)
- Pasties (Upper Peninsula Michigan
- Cheese (Wisconsin)