Saturday, August 28, 2010

Haight 8/28

Seen during this afternoon's outing to the Red Vic Movie House (click on image for larger view):

Yeah, so, I went to see Best Worst Movie  this afternoon. It's the story of the cast and crew of Troll 2 and how they became unwitting C-list celebrities.  It was a bit of a hassle finding parking up there, but it was worth the trip on a nice Saturday Afternoon.

I'd give the movie a thumbs up, but  I wouldn't rate it as high as the other "cult/pop phenom" documentary I saw in Berserkeley a few weeks ago, Winnebago Man.  I really enjoyed the story of Jack Rebney, a man who's video tirades created legions of fans--fans that he had no idea even existed.  Interestingly enough, part of film tells the story of Jack traveling to San Francisco to attend a screening at The Red Vic Movie House. (Pretty cool how I tied that all together, eh?)


Parm said...

I'm not even sure what the point of this blog was, but, heck, that's beside the point!

Please know that I dutifully did my homework (I clicked all the links and even enlarged the photo and gave due and careful consideration to the various images collaged together there). And I quite enjoyed myself!!! It left me feeling strangely "in the know" even though I realize that this is clearly a figment of my over-stimulated imagination.

OK, time to calm down. Gonna go sit in a dimly-lit room and review my collection of photos of walnut shells.

JR said...

Well . . . fuck!

WB said...

Point of the blog?! Point of the blog?! POINT OF THE BLOG!?!?


Dear reader(s?), please allow us to quote the very first lines ever written here:

"I am not really The Shouting Grasshopper. I am one of many. This...will prove unenlightening will many other things I post here..."

I rest my case.

Biscuit, WR said...

Thanks, JR, for your kind words! Both of them!

Parm said...

Yeah, but legal disclaimers notwithstanding, my lizard brain seeks patterns where perhaps none exist and, in the modern world, that leads to seeking enlightenment where black holes fear to roam.

And in that regard, indeed, many candles were lit!

As for you, JR, I recommend not watching Winnebago Man any longer - unless you ARE Winnebago Man??