Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slug Bugs On Parade

Last week, TSG attended the Red White and Blue Parade, an annual old-school 4th of July event. It runs through the tree-lined Shasta-Hanchett district, with families cheering on friends, neighbors,local dignitaries, servicemen and women, public saftey officers, and fake celebrities as they cruise by. One of the processional groups was the local VW club...which inspired this particular entry.

TSG once drove a 1968 Beetle, shown here in an image dug out of the Hemp Mothers archives. You can just make it out,  hiding in the shadows behind a young Fudd-type person.  Parked next to it, more visible in the better light, is it's beige twin, owned by then-roomie, Dude Boots.

Another Bug in TSG's past was owned by brother Ed.  Back in the mid 80's, the Brothers Carter took a road trip, where this photo ("Slug Bug Sunset at Salton Sea") was taken. 

These days, the only Type 1 in our life is this one, acquired during last year's visit to Reno's National Auto Museum.

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Parm said...

And you survived to tell the tale!

Though pictureless, you could also have mentioned the I-Am-Rick slugbug which may, or may not, have ever been driven past Dougies with eyes agog, had you wished.

The 4th-of-July bugs are pretty snazzy, though many are restored in a manner that is untrue to their heritage - you can't see the keyhole where one inserts the wind-up key.