Friday, July 23, 2010

Quit Yer Blubberin'

No doubt our followers caught this dramatic image from the news earlier in the week...

Authorities stated that it was just a fluke accident, and added that it was a minor miracle that no one was krilled.

TSG couldn't help thinking that there was some kind of intent in the cetacean's action. After all, man's relationship with earth's largest mammals hasn't been a good one.  Was the beast making a statement? Of course, we'll never know, but the incident was fortuitous in that it dovetailed nicely with our recent visit to Point Lobos State Reserve.

From 1862 until 1879, the Carmel Bay Whaling Company was operated by a group of Portuguese fisherman. The Whaling Station Museum has a nice collection of artifacts on display from the 300-man operation.

The small museum has a impressive collection; from the harpoons to the implements that sliced off the whale's flesh to the blubber melting pots, the visitor gets a good idea of what life was like for the men who made a living hunting the giants of the deep.

TSG has always tried to present a uniquely a-political spin in our blogposts, but we must admit that we come down squarely on the "anti-" side of the ongoing whale hunting debate. Some may be surprised that we would take such a firm stand on such a sensitive international issue. But don't worry...we won't make Ahab-it of it.

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Parm said...

Yeah, it seems pretty likely that breaching whale knew, more or less, what it was doing. Whether it understood or intended the consequences of that action is less clear, I suppose. Has anyone ever seen one breaching whale land on another whale, as a kind of play, social poke, romantic gesture, or blubbery high five? If some, one might dare to draw a parallel here.

An awful lot of sea life-hunting seems short sighted if not downright wrong headed these days. Shark butchery for the sake of the dorsal fin is one fine good example of a bad example in these regards.

All of that said, the Kingston Trio's Blow Ye Winds (about the whaling trade) is one of the coolest and most excellent folks tunes going, notwithstanding lines like "We over with our blubber-hooks and rob him of his hide!"