Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proper reptile handling techniques

When you encounter a Crotalus atrox such as the one pictured here*, the best way to handle it is by the tail.

*This handsome (approx. 5' long) specimen was encountered on Dry Creek Road about 10 miles north of Lake Kaweah. (S)he was soaking up some heat from the tarmac, and proved quite oblivious to our photographic endeavours. Actually, we were a little worried about his/her vulnerable location, taking up most of a lane just past the apex of a curve. A couple of pebbles tossed at the viper proved useless in moving it along. Just then, a bicyclist came upon the scene and stopped to take a picture with his cellphone. So, TSG decided not to harass it any further, hoping that the rider might decide to shoo the beast off of the road.

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Parm said...

An excellent posting! Good photography (compelling, even). A fine story line (short, even Tweet-like). Building drama and a sense of risk (playing the photos off that title). And a surprise ending!

We, the readers, appreciate the risk to life and limb TSG undertook to bring us these few seconds of amusement.

Perhaps the next entry might be entitled, say, "How to Kiss a Gila Monster," or "Why Horned Toads Are Rarely Employed to Administer Enemas."