Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Improvisation on a theme...

The theme being "inspired by last week's thread...can you name the movie containing this classic line?"


Parm said...


When I think of "Hey you guys!" (and if I don't think of the TV show Electric Company) I think of The Goonies.

And there is an Asian character in The Goonies who may in fact be the one who gives voice to that line.

This picture, however, appears to be someone older than the character I am thinking of.

And more puzzling yet, this little animated snippet appears to involve some sort of tentacle! I surely do not recall tentacles in The Goonies. Then again, maybe I am forgetting something; hiding some squid or octopus down with Wiley's pirate ship in that hidden cave and cove would have appealed to Spielberg if he thought of it.

But that's as far as I can get with this one.I'll have to wait for whatever confirmations and/or hints TSG may choose to offer somewhere down the line.

Some guy from TSG said...

No, it’s not The Goonies…although there is a “G” in the title.

Here's a typical non-helpful TSG hint: We have vivid memories of watching this movie (on Creature Features?) in the company of certain individuals. “Hey, you guys!” became something of a catchphrase in the weeks that followed. The sound effect for the “bad” monster sounded hysterically like an expression of scatological outrage. Once the title is revealed/recalled, I’m sure it will provoke a smile and/or a large groan.

Actually, the youtube clip is a pale version of director Willard Biscuit’s original vision. Due to the rudimentary tools at his disposal, he was unable to realize the full-blown mashup he had in mind. In an exclusive interview, Willard revealed to TSG that he planned to paste four clips from the movie together to form kind of a rhythmic, sing-songy paean to the work in question:

Clip 1-- Some Guy: “Hey, you guys!!!!”

Clip 2--Monster: “Shit!” “Shit!”

Clip 3--Russ Tamblyn: “Maybe he fell in love with a whale…”

Clip 4--Monster: “Spit!”

Parm said...


I admit, some of this is ringing a bell. Not the "Hey, you guys" so much (though there is a distant hazy ring there, too) as the amusingly inappropriate monster speak.

Hmmmm. It still doesn't conjure up a title, however.

You know, it is very fortunate that I never experimented with drugs, because if I had, I suspect I would have absolutely no memories whatsoever of those early years!

Parm said...

Ah! Yes! Well of COURSE I remember the War of the Gargantuas, including the scene where the one Gargantua chews on a dude for a bit, and then spits him out in a horrible brownish splotch.

I only recall catching that as a first run flick at the theater, though. Never on TV. Doesn't mean it didn't happen and that I didn't see it, of course!

How amusing. I suppose that flick is available via Netflicks or whatever, should the urge to re-see it strike . . . .

Willard Biscuit said...

The "horrible splotch" that you remember was the victim's chewed-up clothes. There's a scene early in the movie where investigators are checking out a Gargantua incident; it shows them gesturing towards all that's left of the missing people--a pile of tattered rags.

(the video clip here was "filmed" off my TV whilst watching the Netflix DVD.)