Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sea Creatures That Won't Kill You

Sometimes we at TSG find ourselves at a bit of a loss on what to post when the weekly deadline approaches. This time around, a stack of photos waiting to be scanned proved to be (pardon our use of the term) rather serendipitous. The specimens in this gallery--while not as charismatic as megafauna currently at the center of a media frenzy--are certainly interesting in their own way.
Here for your consideration, we present examples of non-lethal (but possilbly kinda gross) marine life: a brittle star, a sheep crab, a mola mola, and a sea hare.



Parm said...

I sea.


If you are looking to put a soundtrack to that "media frenzy" to which you briefly refer, spin Neko Case's "Maneater." She isn't speaking metaphorically, and she even offers the simple question, "Why do you think they call them 'killer' whales?"

Do we know the owner of that foot in the picture featuring the crab?

Willard Biscuit said...

You got a lotta nerve making that comment about Neko Case!

Middle Cyclone is a great album, IMHO. There was a great interview with her on Weekend Edition when it came out. She also did a turn on Wait Wait's "Not My Job", where she revealed a surprising knowledge of Civil War battles and candy history in general.

About the crab photo: as Dean Wormer said, "That foot is me!"

Parm said...


Neko Case IS awesome, as is Middle Cyclone. "Maneater" is an excellent tune, though my fave on that album (unless its "Prison Girls" is the Harry cover.

So, what did I say that was different?

I heard both those radio bits, too. She has a way of turning "boys" into "fan boys" and hearing her chat just amps that result.

By the way, New Pornographers, then, is also on your radar screen, right?

Willard Biscuit said...

(pssst...check the track listing for Middle Cyclone...)

"Maneater" is a Hall and Oates song, isn't it? :)


Parm said...

Ok. Yeah. "Maneater" is just a key word in the chorus of "People Got a Lot of Nerve." Neko is SO non-chorus oriented that it probably never really occurs to her to do the conventional (boring) thing and name her tunes after key chorus phrases or words. Bless her little heart in those regards.

That chorus still seems like a complete "Are you kidding me?" rebuke to all the media frenzy surrounding the killer whale attack at SeaWorld. It's like how one would feel in response to a 2 hour TV special reporting that "Rain is WET!!!!"

And, by the way, if the "nerve" I exhibited originally is to confuse a Neko Case song with a Hall & Oates offering, well, I accept judgment of the court. That's like confusing the Beatles with little known hits from the Flying Mobilemouth Brothers.

As for (and back to) getting confused about song titles, possibly I can blame that on my iPod. Instead of sitting there peacefully while studying, intently, a cool album cover in my hands, I sit there distractedly while songs pour into my ears through my iPod. As a result, there are an increasing number of songs that I really like but often don't know the titles to. Sure, I can pull the iPod out of my pocket, and push a button, and there's the title, but there's also that "distractedly" thing going on; checking the title often just doesn't happen.

Wasn't like that back in the good ol' days, right?

Wiilard Biscuit said...

Ah, fellow I bet you can appreciate my frustration when I originally searched for "Neko Case Killer Whale"--and all that google came up was the obviously-wrong song with a title about people having a lotta nerve!

ps: The Flying Mobliemouth Brothers? doesn't return ANY matches for them!

Parm said...

Yeah, those Flying Mobilemouth Brothers had a pretty short career in the public eye. In fact, their only really public gig was, I think, a bit on the Ed Sullivan show. They were on shortly before, I think, the Pizza Spins . . . .