Wednesday, September 30, 2009

T.T.T. (a T.T.T.)

NOTE: Thanks once again to's shitty interface, this post leaves one whole helluvalot to be desired.  But, since we're headed out on a 4-day road trip, there's no time to fix the damn thing. Perhaps we'll find time later, but until then readers are stuck with this (to our mind) unacceptable excuse for an entry.

Sheffield, Tasmania: "Town of Murals", "Gateway to Cradle Mountain", and (one time/former? TSG cannot find a contemporary listing) home of The Tiger's Tale.

Using the same technology that brought Jurassic Park to life (well, sort of),  this Tasmanian tourist trap enchants (enchanted?) visitors with a decidedly low-tech--but delightfully home-spun--animated vaudeville story.

Featuring a outhouse-bound rancher, an engaging Tassie Tiger, and a spunky, death-defying, debating chicken, this down under roadside attraction was a highlight of our visit to the island state of Oz.