Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Here at the Hermitage Arms, the infrastructure regularly suffers from the owner's policy of benign neglect--not to mention the plumbing is just friggin' old.

The owner thinks, "I can save several dollars by not maintaining the pool during the winter!" Due to this rather short-sighted attitude, every spring brings a robust algae bloom to our little community. And after a couple days with a high pollen count, we get a lovely scum topping. Yum! And it looks so nice all lit up at night!

But wait! That's not the only di-hydrogen oxide kinda thing we've got going on. This past week saw the addition of a new creek at The Arms! Not quite enough flow for kayaking, but a scenic plus for those who enjoy burbling freshets coming up out of the lawn (background photo). Well (ha), the owner wouldn't stand for that kind of thing. So, only three days later, a crack (ha) team was assembled.

As I write they're attempting to lay the cement back down before it starts raining. Good luck with that!