Thursday, December 10, 2009


(Pete Townshend Afficionado)

Note the King Crimson "Discipline" album t-shirt:
"Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end"


Parm said...

Now, wait a minute.

Is this truly an X-jump? It is certainly an "X," I'll grant you that. But it doesn't look like a "jump."

That said, the image is highly amusing in its own right. It kind of looks like the X'er is lodged up on the ceiling of some cave, leering and grimacing downwardly and the unwary walking down below.

A "goblin," perhaps.

Original X-Jumper said...

Okay fine, SeƱor Nitpick. Why don't we split the difference and label this photo an "X-Pose" instead?

Parm said...


Actually, I'm kinda likin' that "X'er" expression!

And anyway, I'm now off chasing a NEW shiny something - "Senor Nitpick!" Sounds like a good song topic to me!