Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Parm said...

And what relics!

The Baja Brigade, Monthly Fulla Bulla, N&P Productions, and things in between (or completely off the reservation, as in the case of the Puddlenuts).

The lyrics that begin it all . . . they aren't ringing a bell. Title?

The list of flicks for the N&P film festival - is THAT the Baja on Parade event we're talking about? If so, those ARE the films that were shown???

The banditos aren't the most PC of renderings, but you just gotta root for the drummer, given his spiffy little grin and that drumstick spin.

So, were these things all stored together in some file, recently unearthed? Or only recently brought together from various and sundry hiding places?

The Free Admission "sign" from the trumpet case is just a stitch. How excellent that it has survived all these years!

Willard Biscuit said...

All of this stuff has been sitting around in a binder in a cabinet...I came across it whilst looking for some photos of Winterland.

The lyrics are yours, I think...isn't that your scribble? That is actually on the other side of the "track listing" seen in the last image.

The "film festival" program...I could be wrong, but I think it's from a double date that Fudd and I had back in '73. I told a girl that I was dating (Diane Fox, former Branham High cheerleader) about our film projects and somehow it led to a fondue dinner/screening at my parent's house. I typed up the program hoping to impress the young ladies--who, in hindsight, were rather more worldly that I was at the time. After dinner and the movies, we went over to Diane's friend's place. LeeAnn (Fudd's date)turned down the lights, put on Abbey Road, turned on the color organ, and...hmmm, I'll leave it at that.

The Banditos drawing is cropped from a full-page only half-finished illustration; the other band members were only very faintly sketched in and not really visible on the scan. I like the one guy's grip on the guitar--as if he's prepared to use it as a kabong if the gun doesn't work.

Parm said...

Nope - not my handwriting. As I stare at it, "Haynes" comes to mind, actually. But only as a general impression and with no real certainty.

That is an excellent story about the film festival! Man, wish I'd been there (mostly as a fly on the wall, to watch the likely horrified reaction to the young ladies who were enduring BB music as a background to these films.

I am intrigued that Secret Person was in the line up. Does this mean, possibly, that you have that film buried away somewhere?

I also have to say, "color organ" is just so cool. To this day you can't really buy at retail a really effective color organ. I'm just talking, say, five different colored lights, with each light dedicated to a separate frequency band, and with intensity of each light reflecting (pun unavoidable) the amplitude of the sound in that frequency range. How hard is that??? Toadstool Recordings has a multi-color mechanically movable disco lighting set up that, for all its sophistication, just can't match the coolness of what I just described.

I'd like to think that the artist was purposefully expressing such determination as you describe for the guitar-wielding gunman, but I suspect it's rather a case of hands being devilishly tricky to draw (especially for impatient and easily-bored cartoonists).