Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What has 8 legs and 2 fluffy tails?

Spiderlamb, Spiderlamb,
Can't do nothing a spider can 

In a case, behind glass 
Won't be eatin' any grass
Look out! Here comes the Spiderlamb.
Is he baaaad? Listen bud—
He's got sawdust instead of blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
No, but check out the 2-faced head!
Hey there! Here sits the Spiderlamb.

Spiderlamb, Spiderlamb,
Creepy neighborhood Spiderlamb.

Wealth and fame, not a chance—

Octo-legs, but can’t even dance,
You know,
People freak when they see him,
On display -- Laws museum*,
That’s where you'll find Spiderlamb!

*Laws Railroad Museum
On Highway 6
East of Bishop, Ca.


Parm said...

First of all, MEGA-kudos for the fine lyrics!! The excellent wordplay and sense of meter brings back such fond memories!!!

Second of all, bizarrely enough, there really IS a disorder known as Spider Lamb disorder. It involves certain deformaties, however, OTHER than have 8 legs and certainly other than having two back-to-back faces.

Were there any other prose-worthy exhibits at this institution? Surely their clever seamstress had other sources, and outlets, of inspiration as well?

Willard Biscuit said...

although the Laws Railroad Museum is a most interesting place, TSG was not inspired to rhyme by any of the other exhibits or displays of the culture and life of the Owens Valley. Strangely enough, there are no other animal husbandry-related items apart from this.

However, if you ever find yourself out on US 6 somewhere and have a hankerin' to head towards it's western terminus, we highly recommend a visit to this California roadside attraction.