Wednesday, October 14, 2009

San Jose home decor, then and now

One of the unintended (?) consequences of the recent Baja scan-a-thon was a bit of nostalgia about TSG's former haunts. In his zeal to digitally archive images from nearly forty years ago, SGP probably had no idea that a needlepoint by Gloria Carter--hanging in the background of a photo of a BB recording session--still graced a residence in the Silicon Valley 'burbs.


Parm said...

First, "unintentional" is confirmed.

Second, that's pretty neat. I am amused, further, by the fact that the blown-up view of the bull in your visual mash-up bears more than a passing resemblance to the old Monthly Fulla Bulla logo - perhaps that wall hanging was more influential than I am otherwise recalling . . . .

And Gloria Carter is . . . ? An aunt, perhaps?

Interesting, and cool, that the Grasshopper still has this family artifact. And still has it out in full view, rather than tucked away in some box.

I've had a slightly similar experience from some of these pictures. Certain Parm abode images (for example, from the movie screenings for Baja on Parade)show a certain mosaic tile table in the living room made in the 50's by Parm senior. That table was rescued from a certain Minnesota basement a couple of months ago and now graces the entry area to Toadstool Recordings. It is funny what can, in fact, stir up nostalgic feelings.

Willard Biscuit said...

Gloria Carter was yawndave's mother.

Parm said...

I don't think I ever, ever, ever even suspected that GHP's mother HAD an actual given name! It was ALWAYS "Mrs. Yawn Dave" (if you will). Now that I think about it, the only first name for any parental unit that I can recall knowing was a Fuddly maternal first name.

Typical kid stuff.

Did Gloria Carter design the wall hanging, or was it the result of a kit, perhaps?