Friday, July 3, 2009

The Lance? In France

Or perhaps more accurately, at this writing, in the Principality of Monaco, awaiting the start of his 12th Tour.
Go Team Astana!

Incidentally, this photo taken whilst on a (ultimately futile) sweatshirt search* with the aforementioned Fudd. TSG was glad that we could bookend his heat-treated visit to the ole stomping grounds with a couple of forays to more temperate climes.

*TSG travel tip: When you're on vacation,
if an article of clothing catches your eye,
get it right then! If you decide to wait and
come back for it later, it will
no longer be available in your size
or the color that you want.


Parm said...

How did that old school yard rhyme go? "There's a place in France where the bikers wear no pants . . . ?" Hmmm. No, that's probably not it.

The travel tip is sage counsel and probably applies to chatel beyond clothing. Pencils and pens come to mind.

I had rather hoped for an intriguing photographic treat from the Grasshopper a la the 4th. Perhaps straightforword, perhaps ladden with irony, perhaps even inscrutable. Am I to be disappointed?

Willard Biscuit said...

Your wish is my command...sort of. This WAS supposed to be my "4th of July" post, as the date coincides with the inital stage of le Tour this year.

However, in an effort to please our patrons, TSG went out on special assignment today in order to capture the exciting footage seen in our next installment.

In light of recent events, we trust the content proves sufficiently ironic for y'all.