Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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Here, together for no good reason: we see the erstwhile tourist killing time, waiting for Sushi Groove (across the street) to open, along with a couple specimens of the family Nepidae that I encountered at Bear Gulch Reservoir in Pinnacles National Monument.
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Shannon said...

Does the cow get mad when lead around by *that* ring? =)


Parm said...

Interesting. I certainly feel compelled to comment, but frankly I am rather speechless. "Speechless" in a good way, perhaps I should hasten to add. From my perspective, any photo featuring a pierced cow, OR a Fudd, OR water bugs of any variety is a good photo. A mashup such as this perhaps qualifies as too much of a good thing - the eye just doesn't know where to come to rest and continues to rove from cow to Fudd to bug to cow . . . .

If this picture had an accompanying soundtrack, I wonder what it might be??? A nature track featuring the soft blurps and rivits of a pond? The "hmmfing" of a Fudd? The . . . well, I'm not sure WHAT a pierced cow might sound like . . . ?

Willard Biscuit said...

Can't really say if the cow gets mad or not. Here on TSG, we don't delve into the private lives of udders.

Parm said...

So then. Is this, in fact, the "mad cow" thing we keep hearing about?

yes, I know, "cute," but nothing beats a good "udder" joke.