Sunday, May 3, 2009

M'Kulu and Ken Ernest

From the Grasshopper Archives
Columbia Wholesale Supply "Giant Post Card" #J-541

From 1907 until 1953, the California Alligator Farm sat across from Los Angeles' Lincoln Park. It moved to Buena Park and reopened in 1955. Some time later, the young Grasshopper experienced the farm's reptilian wonders, including M'Kulu, then the largest Nile Crocodile in captivity.

M'kulu and Ken headed east when the Buena Park location closed down. The Croc migrated to "Jumbolair", the ranch/zoo/airport of Nautilis Fitness magnate, Arthur Jones.

Ken went on to work at the Black Hills Reptile Garden...not far from Dinosaur Park in Rapid City. He was recently written up in an OC Register article entitled When Alligators Roamed Orange County.

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Parm said...

It's funny how, when you scratch the surface just a bit, the most bizarre of show biz jobs are, at the end of the day, just that - a job.

So, just how big IS a "giant" post card? And was this in honor of the biggest Nile croc in captivity, or were there other giant cards featuring other creature features?

Sticking a stick in the croc's mouth doesn't seem very PETA-approved, does it? Nowadays they'd have to go with some kinder/gentler approach to encourage the animal not to eat the human.