Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indiana Jones sat here?

Apparently so.

Last weekend's roadtrip was to the Oakland Aviation Museum, where one of the two remaining Short Solents in the world can be found. The Solent is named after the seaway between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland, and is a descendant of the Short Sunderland, which was featured in one of TSG's early blogposts.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. As seen in the photo above*, the docent-led tour makes a point of mentioning one of the plane's claims to fame (say that 3 times fast): it had a supporting role in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

I knew that the exterior had been in the film, and that the aircraft at the Oakland museum was indeed the plane the movie's "China Clipper" was modeled after.

But I couldn't remember if ROTLA has any interior shots of the plane, showing Indy as a passenger. Well, lo and behold, a quick trip to Hollywood video was all it took to come up with this:

This isn't the best comparison shot from the DVD, but it's the only one where you see both HF's face, the plane's interior, and a good view of the seats. By the way, the image above answers the question: yes I do just take pictures off of my TV screen. Just like this:

Not the best way to capture a movie frame, to be sure. 'specially in this high-tech-shiny-modern world we live in!

But--since I'm providing some exclusive images of THE REAL THING--without any CGI effects--I figured you could cut me some slack.

*pardon my fingers...
sometimes it's tough to get out of the way of that fisheye


Parm said...

Huh. A real airplane interior instead of a constructed set. That is mildly amazing to me, frankly. I just sort of presumed that virtually all interior shots are on some sound stage somewhere. It's always a nice surprise, then, to learn of one that isn't!

So thanks, TSG - a fine blog entry! Now, this is not to say that I don't want to see some bizarre off-the-wall humor here on some reasonable basis, but this blog entry is a highly satisfying bit of vitamin C (for "cool").

Willard Biscuit said...

If you look again, you will notice that they used some movie magic on that interior.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how they did it, but they widened the cabin.

Notice that there is a row of seats on the other side of the fuselage . The real plane isn't that wide. You can see some kind of bulge/seam on the roof of the cabin where they did whatever they did.

Pretty amazing effect, if you ask me!

Fudd said...

Maybe they just mirrored the shot; one take with Jones on the left, then another take -- flipped -- with the other people now appearing on the right. That would explain the bizarre buldge/seam.