Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

What the hell does this have to do with Saint Patty's (Paddies? Patties'?) Day? Why, it's the green background, of course. Actually, this post combines a couple of our recurring themes: food and 50's sci-fi movies. (Along with another: stuff that's utterly off the wall.)

At any rate, it's doubful the two entities above share a common lineage,
as one came to be in a S.E. Rykoff facility somewhere, whereas the other
hatched deep in a seismic vent at the bottom of the Salton Sea. (according
to Hans Conried.)

As the hip kids say, "What. Evah." BTW, I just noticed that we are now 2 weeks into our 3rd year here at TSG. A tribute to the consistency of foolish minds, if nothing else!


Parm said...

And as the unhip kids say . . . Doughy, man!!

Very doughy indeed!

My guess is, neither of those offerings would be good for one's cholesterol levels.

Parm said...

So, are you snapping pix of the TV screen? Or are you gathering your 50's movie monster shots from some other source?