Monday, January 5, 2009


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Parm said...

Well, there you have it! Irrefutable proof that we humans are NOT the only life form on the planet that is able to contemplate the big questions in life!

How grubby.


SeƱor Saltamontes said...

Obviously, Mister/Ms Millipede was questioning why a Grasshopper would bee (ha) so interested in it's multi-legged self at 1030HRS on a Saturday morning.

Well, that no-so-little bugger should thank me, because I saved his whatever-passes-for-an-ass from getting run over. When you're a millipede, it is NOT a good idea to hang out in the parking area of a tourist attraction.

Parm said...

It wasn't "hanging about," of course.

It was MILLING about!