Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks for the memories, Bob!

From a letter postmarked July 2, 1971:

Of course the Bob in question is Mr. Wilkins, who passed away last weekend. Faithful readers will recall that our own Willard Biscuit was the name that young yawndave submitted to Creature Features' "Last Man on Earth" contest. Bob was cool enough to enclose 6 free movie passes with this letter.

Somewhere, deeper in the bowels of the archives than The Grasshopper cares to dig , is Bob's congratulatory note for winning the contest. It was almost anti-climatic; a hastily-scribbled "Dave, You Won! Yeah!", written on his very own "From the desk of Bob Wilkins" notepaper. The schwag for winning was anticlimatic as well, only 2 free passes. Ah, but basking in the glory of having my name announced by the Bay Area's Weekend Horror Host on TV? Priceless.


Parm said...

Was it with your free passes that we (as in, you and I) actually went and saw VP in that marvelous flick (I only remember the death-by-giant-grasshoppers scene, but I do recall the entire flick being quite worthy)??? Cuz that I do not recall.

In any event, thanks for the peek into the Grasshopper's archives; such peeks are always worth the price of admission!

Fudd said...

I remember going with you to see Dr Phibes. Fun place, that Jose. Thanks again. Rest in peace Bob.