Saturday, December 13, 2008


Here we see the sites of two incidents separated by 162 hours. In the first photo, we see the parking lot in front of the Post Office on Parkmoor Avenue.
From December 2008
This is where The Grasshopper found himself perambulating last weekend. His mission: to deposit a Netflix envelope into the mailbox noted by letter "A".
A simple task, you might think. You would think wrong.

Never let it be said that I do things the simple way. Instead of using the drive-up port, I decided to use the pull-down slot in the back of the mailbox. I then turned and started walking, immediately tripping over the cement parking block designated by the letter "B". The resulting FOOSH (fall onto out-stretched hands) was rather painful, and resulted in a small fracture of my left elbow.


The limited range of motion of said elbow set up the second incident, which occurred just a few hours ago.

Below, you see the drive-up mailboxes at the USPS facility on Meridian Avenue, and a mailbox designated "C". This time, the hapless blogger attempted using the "traditional" method...but he couldn't quite extend his arm fully, and the envelope dropped onto the ground. In a pique of frustration, The Grasshopper opened the car door and SMACKED IT INTO THE MAILBOX. So now, I have a little door ding to go with my fractured elbow.

From December 2008