Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dumpster Diving Drive-In

The Grasshopper didn't actually dive for this treasure (?) trove of VHS titles*, but I did find three of these shipping cases right next to the dumpsters this afternoon.

Apparently, they are remnants of a apparently-now-defunct VHS-based "On Command" hotel pay-per-view library. My particular case was addressed to The Carmel Highlands Inn , with a "Deliver By" date of 6/29/05.

How did these videos manage to end up at the Hermitage Arms Apartments? Did someone steal them and subsequently realize that they were worthless? Were they discarded by my now-ex neighbor who (along with her yappy little rat dog) moved out this weekend? Or, had they been sitting in someone's closet and gotten tossed in a fit of Spring cleaning?

The truth is out there. Way out there, most likely.

*Hitch,The Boogeyman, The L Word, Sin City, Sahara, Alexander, Sex and the City, Are We There Yet, Hostage, Kingdom of Heaven, XXX State of the Union, Million Dollar Baby, Miss Congeniality II, The Pacifier, Madagascar, The Interpreter, Star Wars III, Ice Princess, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Fever Pitch, etc.