Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answers to your questions

Firstly, re: Space Angel--google is your friend.

Secondly: I didn't mean to suggest that anything related to Salinas was heavenly. As I'm sure you already realize, heaven to me is the open road.

Now, a placeholder image, transmogrified from an earlier post: My fake Warhol-esque Birdman Squadron:


Parm said...

Google is a friend indeed. NOW I recall the show. The guy with the eyepatch and the animation that wasn't! I recall being annoyed, both by the lack of animation and by the creepy (to me) moving lips. I didn't realize, I think, that they were REAL lips - I just found it unnerving that these characters hardly moved at all, except their mouths, which moved way too much! That said, having perused various shots from the series, yes, Crystal was a cartoon babe.

Willard Biscuit said...

Inside scoop: the very young grasshopper, inspired by the cartoon beauty, dreamed of becoming an astronaut, getting married to a wonderful space girl, and having a daughter named Crystal.

In the grasshopper's later life,he once suggested Crystal as a potential name for a hypothetical baby. You can imagine the grasshopper's reaction when his suggestion was FRIGGIN' LAUGHED AT. (*ahem*... please excuse the outburst... ;)

Fudd said...

Like Clutch Cargo...and she looks a little like Debbie!

Parm said...

So . . . this person didn't succumb to . . . Crystal Blue Persuassion???