Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new owl (or: what does my arm have in common with the moon?)

Exhibit A: What happens when you joke around with Sister Eileen. That robin hasn't shown up outside my bedroom window yet, but I'm ready for the noisy-assed worm-getter.

Exhibit B: Answer to arm/moon question: Both have had scoops taken out of them lately.
(Photo taken moments before Mr Greencheese slipped behind the clouds.)

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Parm said...

Very nice fake owl. We get the real thing around here. Impressive grubbers for sure. Whoooo do they think they are?

And, I snapped a pix of the moon, too. Mine is just black with an oddly shaped white blob in it. I was amused when my little snap and click bravely ignited its flash to capture that picture, by the way! Hey, I'm sure that helped, little buddy!

Scoops out of your arm, huh? Okay . . . that sounds gnarly. "Hi. I'm Sparks, of the Evening Standard. What's the scoop?"