Friday, January 25, 2008


We know that you'll love Slusho!
It's sea nectar from the deep.
Brought up by Tagruato,
From an ocean-bottom seep.

Slusho! for that special thirst
You get from runnin' 'round after dark
Drink it at a party first
Before hitting Central Park

When you're caught up in the rat race
Or just trying to cross that bridge,
You should be glad you have a case
Of Slusho! in the fridge.


Parm said...


You are a Cloverfield fan?

Willard Biscuit said...
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Willard Biscuit said...


Yep. Two-time survivor of the 1.18.08 attack (w/dramamine assist). Do you want to know what REALLY sucks? I missed "the splash" both times!

I expected to be disappointed, due to my disillusionment with JJ's boobtube offering. However, I caught Cloverfield Fever, and I'm almost ready to give Lost another chance.


Parm said...

"Lost" is good. In fact, the more bizarre it gets (i.e., the less sense it makes and the slimmer the possibility that anyone will every possibly explain everything in any sensible manner other than by saying, at the end, "and then they woke up"), the easier it is to watch, cuz you realize that you really don't need to be doing any work trying to keep all the facts and factoids and references straight.

Willard Biscuit said...

Oh, how very appropriate to our discussion here: the season opener of Lost hangs it's cliff with Jack meeting George. And there they were.