Saturday, October 6, 2007

ROOT ROUTE (or the case of the missing Pearl)

Approaching Angels Landing

Observant readers will note the absence of "Full Moon Desert Pearl." All two of you. Fact is, I just wasn't happy with that image. So, I get to cheat a little and re-do the post. I'm afraid the comment may now seem non sequitur-ish(?). But dems da brakes out in here on the far-flung edges of the digital ort cloud. Perhaps of note, but perhaps not, is the dendroidal aspect of the image...harking back to themes in earlier posts. What can I say? I'm a tree-hugger.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dried Meat from Outer Space?

From its humble (and controversial!) beginnings as an outpost at the lonely junction of US93 and the Extraterrestrial Highway, the earthbound outlet of IDSFC (The Interstellar Dried and Smoked Flesh Conglomerate) has enjoyed phenomenal success.

All of the favorites are here:

Puppeteer Shanks,
Thrint Chewies,
Teriyaki Ort Cloud Semi-Fish,

Boneless Borg Knuckles.

They even stock hard-to-find genetically modified delicacies like Elkoid Beefodile on a stick.

Beings with carbon-based digestive systems will appreciate the clean restrooms.