Sunday, October 21, 2007

Zoom Zoom Zoom

So ends the Carter 4Runner era. 18 years and 430,000 miles of motoring adventure. Coast to coast and coast to coast. Up mountains, 'cross deserts, along the mighty Mississip'. Rt. 66, Key West, Bah Habah...the list goes on and on.

But, old Steed, I made the mistake of taking you to Michael And Company; their ineptitude did more damage than all of those 182,000 miles. AAA Approved my lily white ASS. Fuckers.

Charcoal Grey Steed is gone; long live Metallic Blue Steed. The dream of a British Racing Green machine remains unrealized, perhaps for the duration. (wipes away small tear...)

This is the second Mazda to sport the "LIKE WHO" badge. My first new car purchase back in 1981 was a GLC, progenitor of the current incarnation.


Parm said...

So... a Mazda what? Not a Miata, right? The corporate mugshot only tells me, I think, that this is NOT an SUV. So, TRULY the end of an era?

True Blue is cool however. Anything but black, white, or gray is some kind of a statement these days. Interior color is?

Willard Biscuit said...

As (only vaguely) hinted at, the vehicle pictured is a Mazda3. Son of the Mazda 323, son of the Mazda GLC.

Interior: black.

The personalized plate is itching to take its' place...but the DMV needs to digest the paperwork first. Next customization items? Decals: "Statehood for Moosylvania" on right rear vent window and RAF Roundels on left rear vent. Or perhaps on either side of rear plate.