Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ode to a Ten-Striped June Beetle

Ah, tenstripe, I saw you there
Victim o' your love of light
Cow-Orkers mine, they didn't care
But live on, I hoped you might

They'd rather pet their cats and dogs
Spray, shoo, smash your carapace
But I wonder, and I thank the gods
I looked into your hissing face

(thanks to google images)

1 comment:

Parm said...

Hey, I like this poem, SG (or is that "TSG"?). Not as song lyrics, though. The wordplay is too intense, and the necessary pace of reading (and re-reading it) too slow. Plus, the graphics seem integral to the whole piece - absent the MTV video version, a song would lose that, too. Gotta go with it just as it is.