Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Ah, the memories. It all started with Rey. Then came L,J and Elder with Cinnamon and finally Lana. Julia, Cindy, Jess and Christine. Fudd and Steves Cross and Delia, their Joyce and Cheryls. Ellen and the guy who called himself Carter who said she liked to get it on.
Jody, Kevin, Diane, and Peenbat.

The guy with the friggin' loud Peanuts music. Al and his Michelob. 'Lene 'n' Tom. The May birthday party. The Halloween Party. Getting locked out by the D 'n' D'ers. Watching Lori walk away after the Jerry Garcia date dinner...sigh! Andrew (and Jana--did I blow my chance with her?). Boy I would have done it differently with you, dude! Well, she it. This flippin' bdc done got me agin. See the next entry.

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