Friday, May 18, 2018

No Sign Of Eric, Jeff, Jimmy, Et Al

Join TSG for a visit to Yard Birds, the gigantic indoor flea market of Chehalis WA. It was formerly a retail mega-mall with auto parts, sporting goods, hardware, housewares, furniture, clothing, restaurant, the Birds' Nest Cocktail Lounge and a car wash. Not to mention a country and western store, a dance school, a radio/TV station, a bank, a grocery store, a drug store, and Army and Navy recruiting offices. 

The place has definitely seen better days, and it was kinda spooky wandering around. It seemed almost totally deserted on a Friday afternoon, only a few sellers were in attendance and maybe only a couple of other "shoppers" besides TSG. 

Hmmm...about the title of tonight's entry--If you had the time, the chances are good that you could find a Yardbirds LP/8-track/CD in there somewhere. 

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