Friday, February 16, 2018


Or: Things you might see at Zip Zoom, Pauma Valley CA


Ziiiiiiiiip-parm said...

The only time I've gone zip-lining was in Puerto Rico. It was both more fun, and less fun, than I had imagined.

Did you zip the line this day, or only play the roll of inquiring and documenting blogger?

Willard "Plenty of sunshine" Biscuit said...

I've been zip lining three times--twice in the redwoods, the other time at the La Jolla Indian Campground as depicted here. I agree with your "both more and less fun" assessment. Zooming down the line is pretty darn fun. The rest...meh, pretty boring. I enjoyed the experience in the forests more because it gave me a chance to be up in the redwood canopy. Actually, I'd happily pay the same amount of money for the opportunity to sit by myself up in a big redwood (or sequoia!) for a couple of hours.

Elaine Linton said...

I loved everything about zip lining. Can’t wait to do it again!