Friday, December 22, 2017

Tonight's Soundtrack* Courtesy Of Seuss, Stirling & Carpenter**

 Seen at Christmas in the Park
 and various shoppes, storefronts and
 boy's reformatories in the Gold Country.

*soundtrack subject to change if we get a nastygram from UMG
**we chanced upon Lindsey and Sabrina's jazzy version(from the album Warmer In Winter) randomly, seemed like a perfect fit.

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Fa la la la Parm said...

Just the right of amount of seasoning (with, you know, seasonal references). My favorite was the amusing hand-painted banana slug (pretty sure that's what it was; what could be more festive than that?), though the Snowman Brigade (no, wait, I mean Snowman Jamboree) was a close second, what with fretwork going on. The tune is not one I need to hear again, but I did enjoying hearing it this one time - get pretty tired of the original version, frankly. And, yep, it did suit the multimedia experience quite well.

So, well done, TSG, and Merry Christmas to you and your family of postings.