Saturday, December 9, 2017

Oh, Rob

We recently binged on A&E's latest celebrity-searches-out-the-unexplained-reality series, "The Lowe Files".  Viewers get to tag along with Rob and his sons hitting the road to see what's out there.  It's a typical cable channel ghost/alien/bigfoot expedition show. If you're a fan it's worth checking out...otherwise, maybe not so much,

Anywhoo, episode one of The Lowe Files took the guys to Ione, CA to do some ghost hunting at the old Preston School of Industry (aka The Castle).  Preston Castle was a large boy's reformatory school -- a dreary, stark gothic institution opened in 1894 and was abandoned in 1960. A pretty spooky place.  Outfitted with an assortment of paranormal detection devices they spend an entertaining evening in the old place.

Inspired by the show and the imposing and semi-derelict building, TSG hit the road looking to follow in the footsteps of Matthew. John Owen and their dad.  We even got a snap of Fancy Donuts in Galt, where Rob and the boys stopped for a bite to eat on the way. 


Parm said...

Well. For the most part, maybe not so creepy. The Christmas decorations seemed more on the warm and fuzzy side than the ironic or contrasting side. I will freely admit that the bathtub was, yep, way creepy, though. Brrrrr. And there was some machine that, at first glance, looked like something out of EMI Studios on Abbey Road circa the early 60's, but which was clearly something else instead, and which seemed vaguely creepy and even nefarious.

W. "Krampus" Biscuit said...

To be sure, The Castle's foreboding nature is almost entirely absent during the day--especially with all the decorations and in the company a horde of sightseers. One can easily imagine a creepier/spookier atmosphere wandering around in the dark equipped with night vision goggles, as was portrayed in the Lowe Files episode. (program trivia: the ball seen at the 1:06 mark in the video plays a part in their ghost hunting adventure)

During my visit more than one person recommended that I return during the annual Halloween Haunt which is apparently a big thing.

The piece of medical equipment you mentioned is a vintage GE Radiography/Fluoroscopy machine. Placing it next to the skeleton seems quite appropriate.