Friday, November 17, 2017

Animal Assortment


Parmelmus Prime said...

So, we see toys, advice, useful products (at least if you're a turtle), and even some existential prompting ("mealworm frenzy?"). Somehow the whole is abstract in a satisfying way even though the individual components are each (more or less) fairly non-abstract.

I am sad, however, to think there might be turtles in the world going around with untreated inflamed eyes.

yawndave said...

I wondered about those turtle eye eye inflammation something that all turtles suffer from or just the ones in captivity?

Originally I wanted to do a collage of pics from the "dried up parts" bin like the pig snouts--other selections included dried cod skins and cow hooves--but the image quality wasn't up to snuff. Maybe next time.

Leonardo de Parm said...

No, no; I think one "dried up part" offering was more than sufficient. Like adding to much magenta to a landscape painting.