Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fake Woman Sitting In Circular Patch O' Shade

Manchester CA

Bonus Dendroid Content:
Gnarly Oaks near Pt Reyes Visitor Center


Elaine Linton said...

Is she made out of stone?

Parm said...

That one tree reminds me a little bit of the monster prop from a sad, bad 1950's sci-fi flick. The one that kind of looks like an enraged turnip with uplifted arms.

W. "Phloem" Biscuit said...

1) I think the "lady" is just a piece of sheet metal cut out in the shape and painted black.

2) You might be thinking of Tabonga, the tree monster from "From Hell It Came". The movie is available on Blu-ray if you're interested ;-)

Parm said...

Ha. You could be right. According to Wikipedia (as regards "From Hell It Came"), it deserves an honored place in the canon of the world's worst movies. However, in Leonard Maltin's movie guidebook, the film was rated at 1½ stars (only the second-lowest of seven ratings available), with the comment that "As walking-tree movies go, this is at the top of the list". Bruce Eder from AllMovie panned the film, writing, "The sheer badness of Dan Milner's From Hell It Came is mitigated ever so slightly by the efforts of Paul Blaisdell, who created the vengeful tree-creature called the Tabonga... All of which leaves ridiculously campy fun as the sole reason to watch this very mildly entertaining misfire, which is funnier in the telling than the watching".