Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TSG Visits Mount Umunhum

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Conservancy and Open Space folks, the peak and the cube(outside only) are now accessible to John Q. Here's what it looks like through the TSG lenses:


Ho hum Parm said...

Good music. Although, in the first 20 seconds maybe, I felt like I was journeying up the road with Ren and Stimpy. Any building that looks like that, you just know it was up to scary stuff. And when you put it on top of a remote mountaintop . . . brrr. Pretty amazing that the exterior walls don't sport all manner of graffiti.

yawndave said...

Also pretty amazing that some local rock band hasn't taken a selfie of themselves using the monolith as a "watering" spot.

Side note: The proprietor of Morro Bay's skakeboard museum spent some formative years up on the mountain. When I was there and told him I was from San Jose, he related tales of the hour-long bus ride he had to endure going to and from school every day on that road. Not for those prone to car sickness!

Side note 2: The slideshow got noticed by the social media folks of the Almaden Air Force Station and has been added to their youtube page (and facebook too, I think).