Thursday, September 21, 2017

Things You Might See @ The S' Cruz Co. Fair


Grub with Parm said...

Wow. There's some flat out disturbing things in there. Excluding, of course, "Grub with Love" or whatever grubby statement that was. Yeesh. Has me wondering what the heck kind of exhibits were home to these kinds of things?

Willard "All's Fair" Biscuit said...

I have to admit, the SCC Fair had more than its share of oddities. These particular artifacts were spread out through various venues..."fine" art, horticulture, the poultry barn, the 4H pavilion, etc. My favorite is the alien w/guy suspended in the bubbling chamber of liquid--the posted image is cropped so you don't see that the human is apparently being used as a power supply for a UFO.