Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tourists Enjoying View Of 82nd Highest Bridge In World

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
looking east towards the Sangre de Cristos

From their viewpoint, it's unlikely they could see the herd of
Rocky Mountain Bighorns on the far rim:


Parm said...

Awesome. Lovin' the pix of the bighorn critters. Well done, sir.

Ed Carter said...

Ah, man, I wanna see Bighorns!

yawndave said...

Well, if you wanna see bighorns, now you know where to go. (I drove past that spot 3 different times and they were hanging out in the same place.) You could always go down to Anza Borrego--you can almost always see some in the hills above the Tamarisk Grove Campground (make sure to bring some binoculars though)