Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tonight's Feature Presentation

TSG enjoying the big bug classic "The Black Scorpion"
After a long day on the road it doesn't get much better than this.


Parm said...

We are talking the original flick from the 50's, yes?

Stop-motion monsters were wonderful. Real, but not. Scary, but not. Awesome, but, actually, awesome. Just utterly perfect for kids (and kids at heart).

If I remember correctly, this is the flick where a bunch of giant scorpions fight it out amongst themselves (what else would scorpions do?) and then the winner heads to the final prize fight with the army in some sports stadium and, of course, is dispatched thanks to the brave efforts of the brave hero of the movie?

And, special bonus points for the fact that the scorpions can scream? Or yell? Or something loud?

W. "Rock You Like A Hurricane" Biscuit said...

The big scorpions sounded a lot like the giant ants from Them! to me. The "screaming" scorpion, I think, was the little guy that they found encased in lava and still alive after millions(?) of years. One big plus for adolescent-plus male viewers these days is Mara Corday as the requisite damsel in distress.