Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thing You Might See On Ave 150 East

Four Aces Movie Ranch outside of Lancaster CA.

TSG trivia: first post using Fire HD tablet--hope to improve image quality next time.


Francis Ford Parm said...

So, as a movie ranch, this place and these buildings are used as sets for movie/TV shots? They are faux and aren't otherwise real?

W. "Cut, Print!" Biscuit said...

Well, they're real in the sense that they aren't just facades, but yeah, the buildings were put up as sets for location filming. According to the ranger at the nearby State Park, there are road closures in the area on a regular basis when film/tv/commercial production companies are doing their thing.

Parm said...

Our offices in Chicago are down in the Loop, and seems like once or twice every couple of years there are road closures as somebody does some filming down there. My son was going to Columbia College when one of the Batman movies was filming there and ended up getting to handle electric cords (unwind them and rewind them as needed while the lights or whatever were moved around) for some of the filming. Road closures for such reasons typically seem to prompt two simultaneous yet contrary thoughts - "Inconvenience!!!" and "Cool!!!"