Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ten Years Ago Today

...we took this photo:

And it became the topic of the second TSG blogpost.
Not much has changed with the ancient blue oak in the intervening decade.
Unfortunately due to some construction
going on we were not able to get quite the same vantage point.

The old heritage dendroid seems to be holding up well...good to see.


Elaine Linton said...

What a difference 10 years makes? None...

W. "Branch David-ian" Biscuit said...

Yeah, doesn't look like much changed other than maybe some small branches might be missing, but that could've been due to the recent storms.

A bit of trivia re: the 2017 photo--those fluffy clouds and blue sky in the background are a little misleading. Behind me the sky was filled with ominous dark clouds that rolled in and delivered a ferocious rain/hail/wind storm about 2 minutes after the photo was taken. Luckily the car wasn't too far away and I was able to escape a major soaking.

Parm said...

A 10-year long time lapse sequence might show, however, scads of creatures coming and going, both 2 and 4-legged varieties being well represented. Oh, if these branches could talk.

Dendroid, dendroid, where did you go? Oh, I see . . . nowhere, I guess.