Saturday, October 8, 2016

Posterized Pile O' Pumpkins

Uesugi Farms / San Martin, CA


the Great Parm'kin said...

It's the Great (Pile of) Pumpkins, Charlie Brown.

How, exactly, does one pick their pumpkin from a pile like that? I'd be afraid of initiating a pumpkin slide that would bury me alive

Just do it carefully, I guess. Always being on your gourd.

Elaine said...

That's a lot of pie

Willard "Pumpkinhead" Biscuit said...

AFAIK that pile was for display purposes only. I had hoped to get a better (close up/fisheye) shot of the pumpkin pyramid, but I didn't feel like paying an extra $2 for access to the kiddie area. We did spend the extra $5 apiece on the "Pumpkin Blaster" (compressed air canon which shot mini-pumpkins) though, and it was indeed a blast. Both Elaine and I scored a hit on the targets, which produced a very satisfying THUNK! along with a nice explosion of orange pulp matter.

Interesting side note--this year's champion pumpkin at Uesugi Farms outweighed the winner of the much more famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this year by 27 pounds: 1,937lbs vs 1,910lbs.(Current world record is 2,323lbs)

Parm said...

Those giant pumpkins are absolutely mind boggling. I remember reading stories in the local Chicago press about folks who would go the extra (50) mile(s) to create/raise one of those monsters, and it would become more than a full time job. I don't recall anyone ever turning one of those close-to-a-ton into a jack-o-lantern, though. That would be quite the carving job. Chainsaw?