Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Good Sign For Amphibious Drivers

Grover Beach, CA


Hop Hop Parm said...

No one can say that they weren't toad. I mean, "told."

Reminds me of that most excellent word "batrachian" that we found one day in the big dictionary in the Pioneer High library at lunch time.

Willard "Polliwog" Biscuit said...

Had I been a bit more industrious, this blogpost might have been a little more in-depth in regards to the sign in question. Turns out the owner of that marquee is fond of pop-culture witticisms, including:

Is marriage a word or a sentence

A cannibal is someone who is fed up with people

If you want to save face leave the lower half shut

Also of note is a weird sort-of co-inky-dink involving a sign situated above the marquee (cropped out of the image, obviously)for Nan's Pre-Owned Books. As it happens I bought a copy of a childhood favorite, Life's "The World We Live In" at the bookshop while wandering around town way back in 1999.

Parm said...

I like the cannibal one. Ha. But then again, cannibals tend to be funny. What was the cannibal word we bandied about? Balaka? Something like that?