Saturday, August 27, 2016


Shadow Selfie Spotting:
Lee Friedlander's "Canyon de Chelly, Arizona" (1983)

Bonus SF MOMA image:
Dave Carter's "Man Admiring Top of Question Mark" (2016)


Elaine Linton said...

I do like how that bush in his head looks like hair.

I went there with Shot, Bugs, & Conch. I could feel the spirits, super emotional place.

?Parm? said...

When I first saw the shadow pic, I was reminded of Hiroshima pictures where shadows were burned into walls. Thankfully, this selfie seems considerably less awful (though some might argue that selfies are pretty awful nonetheless).

This is me admiring the picture of the guy admiring the question mark. Very charming and thought evoking image. That said, I'm not exactly sure what thoughts, specifically, were evoked. Kind of random stuff that didn't go anywhere. Perhaps what an image of half a question mark ought to achieve though.

Parm said...

Also, "Shot, Bugs, & Conch" totally outdoes these pictures. Fantastic band name? Amusing name for a law firm or trio of accountants? An amazing brand of whiskey? Whatever, it's fantastic.