Saturday, June 4, 2016

Obscure Abe Lincoln Quote

Baker Heritage Museum
Baker City OR


Honest Parm said...

He looks pretty young in that bust. This was probably something he said well before his Gettysburg days.

Elaine Linton said...

Never cared for Abe, he ranks right up there with Kit Carson, busy freeing the slaves while slaughtering the First Nation people. Sorry, a side of me seldom seen. Off to tge San Luis Rey Pow Wow.

Parm said...

Elaine, no apologies necessary. It's pretty hard to look back in history and find anything related to native folk that is anything other than sad or out right appalling. There were a few feeble attempts, maybe, but those efforts didn't long survive contact with reality.

I have worked with a couple of Indian tribes on legal matters and I have to say that the energy and cautious enthusiasm for "what comes next" they exhibited was pretty encouraging. Look forward, not backwards, maybe (without forgetting those lessons of the past).